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Oct. 9th, 2009


A funny build...

I decided to jump on the 'its a theme' bandwagon again and the other day i made, what i like to call, a Minion Master (not ironically his name is Minionator. A geeky comicbook guy who found a pair of mystical gloves at a thrift store and became a super hero, lol. Even his costume looks homemade and he looks totally out of shape. His costum, bright yellow and red, with a rocket strapped to his back 'cause it looks cool', look totally opposite to his actual abilities, lol).

I want my main focus to be minions and at about level 17 balance is starting to show in its idea. Currently my main build is Sorcery. I upgraded his energy builder with the hold ability. I took Arcane Healing and the first hold you get from Sorcery (arcane hold?). I've taken Zombies (level 3) and Ego Sprites, along with, just now, Golem (which i'll give the energy sap/redirect to when i gain my next skill point i think).

At level 17 my current majors are Int and Pres at 80pts, with Regen running at about 50pts, seemingly by default (cause of the items i've collected for my stat buffs) i have a 1% crit chance w/ a rediculous Crit buff, lol. I feel like i'm using Experimental Blaster again!

My idea for later is getting Ball Lighting (another fast casting pet. Goes very well with Ego Sprites) and some of the illusion pets from Ego when they become available (i'm looking for that super sized daemon summon =D). If i were to take more abilities for my character himself it would most likely be LifeDrain, Ebon Void Block, and Regeneration. Though i must argue that Quarry or that Buff aura that improves damage output, just for the damage output.

So last night i decided to try PVP out in the Arena, and i got 12/4. The previous match i had gotten 9/3, and before that 8/2. Not bad ratio for a guy who only attacks to finish some guy off or regen energy :P My golem was actually quite funny, He doesn't deal a lot of damage but the little blighter is persistant, can block, and can take a rediculous amount of damage. When combined with Ego Sprites and 3 zombies, my foe either runs away or gets overrun. I hit them with my Hold ability and they just take it all until they break out of it =D

Oct. 8th, 2009


What so far...

Is your favorite character focus?

What is your least favorite?

Right now i have to say that Gageteering is my favorite character focus. Personally i think that the devices are great damage builders, and Sonic Blaster, when given its cone upgrade is a fantastic energy builder, especially against tightly packed opponents. Because the Devices can be equipped to just about anything they work hand and hand with any range or direct melee attack you can think of. The pets aren't bad either (excluding Attack Toys, oy, what were they thinking?)

My least favorite has to be might, because in order to be a decent tank you don't really have anything in Might to protect you against mobs. Sure, with your massive knock about interupts you can deal against the average joe just fine, but NOT killing them can draw more agro as they get friends when they rebound -or in cases like Super Villans or better, laugh at your knock about skills while they clobber you away themselves.


(no subject)

Do they say anywhere at all that the game does not function between the hours of 5:30 and 8:00 (ish-ish) am (eastern) on Tuesdays and Thursdays? If they just posted that somewhere i wouldn't give my hopes up on an early game b4 i go to work in the morning -_-;

Oct. 7th, 2009



Hello new patch :D

This is what happened when I attempted to log in this evening (morning for US people) after another patch

Not sure if this started yesterday, because I didn't log in...but seriously -fist pump-

Upshot of this is dont make any eye contact with anyone in the powerhouse...head down, walk up to the desk and point to what you want. Ignore the missiles raining down around you.

I sense employment notices in the paper on the weekend for the Millenium City Edition. for power trainers.


The amusing thing about PVP

Well last night was eventful. I jumped into the ring with a couple of my SG teammates and we did alright. I used my 2-sword build that i've been neglecting, sense creating my Gageteer/Munitions character, and decided to stretch his legs a bit (I really don't like melee builds in Champions, they just don't do anything for me, not that they aren't any good, i just don't like them).

It was pretty silly really. I ran into a lot of 1-sword Swallow Tail Cut spammers. Equally funny, many killed themselves in the process =D

I'm a two-sword user that specs in damage redirection. When a melee user decided to say 'hello' they are taking massive damage back while i negate it on myself. Blade Storm is my friend when it comes to Swallow Tail Cut users, as watching there health drop like a stone thrown into a vortex amuses me to no end.

One person unparticular i just had to harass, because she was a complete sissy. I know Arena fights are supposed to be 'team based' every time she'd run in, spam her little swallow tail cut move (which as direct damage i would immediately heal thanks to my Regen, and she'd take that damage right back thanks to Blade Storm in physical damage :P), and almost get herself killed for the effort. Then she got her other 1-Sword Swallow Tail spammer, and she killed herself 3 times while attacking me (her friend). THEN she got her Electric friend to stun me, to which my Regen outclassed 2 of the 3, and my Chi heal took care of the rest when i broke out of the Electric Holds. THEN they had to get the whole team involved, and it took them 2+ minutes (and every time loosing a member or 2 for the effort) to drop me. My team had no healers :P

So i had to gloat to the person after the fight, and she went on a tanget about how she didn't die at all (even though the end chart said she was [more like assisted] 11 kills died 6 times, i didn't go there =P) because i had to open my mouth about how she'll have to respec once they fix Swallow Tail Cut, that she'll have to find the next most broken skill in order to be effective in pvp. Her Counter was that I had to QQ more, that it was the only way to win was to do so (even though her team lost :P)...

Some people try so hard to power game, but Cryptic was sneaky about finding balance. A complete retard can read a forumn and come up with a build that is OP, but everything has a counter to a degree, and knowing when to use your skills makes a big difference to the outcome of every fight.

Now those damn users w/ Ego holds, 2 Supernatural Chain attacks, and shotguns can be a real frack harder to deal with, especially when you fight a team where 3 have that exact same build and the other 2 are munition spec w/ AKs. Not amusing when you spend the entire fight on your backside pinned to the cage match wall (or ceiling in a few cases) incapable of doing anything at all until you die -_-;

Oct. 5th, 2009


is hated

I see that Swallow Tail Cut is hideously corrupted by the 'stupidly powerful' virus. So when do you think they'll retcon again? I got a Darkness and Archer character(s) that need adjusting (like not being an archer anymore, until, you know, they make them useful again in some way?)

You know what though? I can't wait till the new heal class comes out. This game lacks some major heals. Everyone takes Regen for that, and well, because Regenerate is awesome, and healer bots make me angry, its the only solution to my Darkness character that I'm working on that simply lacks decent self protection!

Oct. 4th, 2009

star trek I will not destroy everything


mostly I love how canada is a starting zone.

Allo, I could use a little bit of advice. I finally made it out of the dang tutorial and now I am faced with my first conundrum: Buying powers and talents.

Gimme some advice on how to make a survivable character, and bear in mind it took me a year and a half to learn how to use enhancements in city of heroes.

She's a eldritch bolts/EGO BLAST (correction!) with the hero build. I picked fly as her travel power, as she is a magical butterfly princess, of course.

I dunno what talents are the good choice for her, or what powers would be the best idea to pick up. I've been trying to read everything I come across, but it kind of goes over my head so far.

Edited here because bigangry asked: I'm @Ghengisjohn

Oct. 2nd, 2009



Jingling the keys again.

I posted this before, but I'll do it again. I started this comm back before beta, but I'm not playing this game and have moved onto Aion instead, and I would like to leave this community in capable, moderating hands.

If anybody would like to run this comm, I'll gladly pass it on over.

Oct. 1st, 2009



What really bothers me today is that i was hoping to jump onto the game this morning, to get that last 3/4 of a bar to get to level 32, only to find, yet again, that they've closed the server for website managment!

I've never heard anyone close down an MMO so they could update a webpage b4! At least nothing i've experienced b4 anyway.


I've been messing with Gageteering/Munitions combo, in that order. i've been doing fantastic. Too fantastic perhaps? I'm guessing a nurf eventually. I haven't done any major instances yet except for Doctor Destroyers lab, which required a full party, and the MegaDestroid outside it in the PQ, too, of course. Yet beyond Cosmic level super villans, or Major Instances like the DDL... i haven't felt challanged. Not at all. And so far, unfortunately, if a Cosmic isn't involved, i've soloed just about every PQ i've come across from Monster Island and below, and much of the rest of the game (unless a friend wanted to tag along or something) :/

The other day I did Megadestroid with a friend. A lot of people got involved from the area just because that thing is just hard to miss. The 2nd place person had 'about' 120pts, everyone beneath him had 90, 60, ect. I came in first place... with a wopping 600+pts. Course I did the whole pq from beginning to end (my friend came in 4th w/ around 60pts, but did also) I died, i think, a dozen times perhaps, give or take a few.

The same friend describes having to look for me on Monster Island was easy enough. He just had to listen for the large explosion and follow the billowing smoke clouds he saw in the distance. He stood on a top branch of one of the trees and described 'it was like watching an endless rolling tide of miniexplosions and smoke clouds! It was amazing'

I am Sleeger, the manically hysterical, and cynical superhero alien 'set manager' (read my profile if your saying wtf) =D

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