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ohh_kristina in championsonline

Hi, I'm new to champions. Just transfered over from City of Heroes - long time player there. A few of us from CoH transfered over to champions together and we created a SuperGroup. I'm a little confused. I ran a SuperGroup on CoH, and obviously, I know that these are two different games and so the SG deals would be different. I'm just having trouble figuring out exactly what an SG in Champions is for. I don't see any SG base availability, there seem to be no SG costs. Is it just the SG chat that is the benefit of having an SG? Just trying to be sure I'm not missing something here. If that's the case, have there been any info releases for future SG progression in game? Thanks for your time.



There's also an SG bank, which makes it easy to trade items between SG members without having to be online at the same time?
There has been talk of bases and other things for SuperGroups in the future but no definite announcements/commitments that I've seen.

From what I can tell a SG bonus is currently a shared bank and chat channel.

Also, I believe the server selection screens try to put you on the same server as people in your friend list and guildies by default. I may be wrong on that though, it might just be friends for that system.
'1 sg' or whatever shows up on the server list, like '1 friend' or '1 team'.
Thanks for the clarification!
Also, remember that SG's weren't much more when COH launched (5 year vet, here). For now, it seems like a great way to meet people in game.
At the moment you get a shiny costume slot, SG Chat Channel, and a shared SG bank account like WoW.

Honestly not much at the moment, I can only assume the Devs want to wait to see how the game fares in the short term, and how economies work in terms of gear and resources.

An interview a little while ago from Bill indicated SG rewards as per other games, so no real mention on bases or teleporters as yet.

Personally, the vault and costume makes SG's totally worth it. They're selfish reasons but hey, I'm running with it.

I'd also get your alts into the SG too. The vault in Champions trumps the CoH storage bins hands down and there's no crappy load times to get to your junk.

Champions Online

October 2010

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