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warlord683 in championsonline


So i ended my subscription today with Champions Online.

I've done every major instance, and pretty much every mission i could lay my hands on. I end-gamed and i haven't even hit level 40 yet (34 to be exact, using my Gageteer/Munitions). I've soloed about 9/10 of the game, cosmics and major instances being the exception.

Am I to wait for the next patch for the new content? Why? Another week of mission soloing and a instance later and I'll be waiting another few months for the next release. I can't preoccupy myself with PVP, its so unbalanced there's virtually no point. I could sit around and attempt to unlock everything in my achievements book... but i just have flashbacks to War Online and shutter at the thought that the only person i'm going to impress with something like that is myself.

I guess to say, for me at least, is that i was looking for something a bit more challanging. It wasn't, and the in game content is pretty slim and extremely repetative. Nothing is really holding me to the ropes on deciding this one, unfortunately.

The only thing i found that peaked my interest as of late 'was' mortal online. After downloading the beta, and then reading a post by one of the developers, he went on to say don't have high hopes for the game for at least the first year after it is released. All your going to get is basic content and nothing more. At least he was honest, but 'basic' looked like crap, it felt like crap, and i'm sure if it had a smell through my monitor... it'd smell like it too.



Cya, and good luck.
Myself, I don't usually play games until they have been out for a few months. It lets you avoid stuff like that thing in Fallout 2 where your car's trunk disappeared (taking the stuff you had in it with it) from time to time. It also lets you pay a lot less for the game box itself, so win-win.

For an MMO, which is, by its nature, never finished, this is only more true. It is sad to say that it can take 3-6 months for the game to just get the training wheels off. :( It's too late, in this case, for me to suggest that you not buy-and-try in the first month, of course, but I suppose you could still wait 3-6 more months and check it out then. I am not sure that the challenge level will be different (my guess is no), but the content and balance and features and polish will all be better. Whether it will be better enough to satisfy you will be for your eyes to behold at that point, of course.
I really like CO, and I want to see it thrive. Knowing that it's only been out for a VERY short time, barely enough for it to get its little feet wet, I'm more than happy to give it room to grow. However this sort of thing is what I was afraid of. People get into it, feel like they've hit a wall, and then quit while it's still a baby.

I'm still relatively new, and I STILL don't understand all of the mechanics. The draw for ME---is the fact that you can hyper specialize, or have a broad set of powers. Maybe it's novel for me because I've been playing a game that locks you into a roll.

So far, I've also not run into anyone that's like..."HAHA N00B! UR GEAR AND SPEC ARE BAD" It's so low pressure.

Anyway...hope you find just the right thing. :\
Best of luck to you. It does sound like you're expecting a lot from a very new MMO.

For me I've been taking my time. It's been clear for a while that there isn't a huge pile of endgame released in CO yet. If you power through things and don't take time to enjoy what is there you're kind of missing the point. The first guy to 40 did not "win" the game.

Honestly, there is a lot to like about this game. The quests and dialog are well written and tell the story of the game world nicely. The customization in both abilities and character appearance are great. The zones are well done. You can play casually and still enjoy the game experience. There is no expectation, or really even much of a necessity, to min/max outside of the realms of PVP. Currently PVP seems almost completely meaningless. As though it was designed as a diversion for people playing the rest of the game who like to PVP occasionally.

After a few years of casualcore raiding in WOW this is exactly what I was looking for in a new MMO. I for one will be sticking around for a long time.
I am currently level 31 and am doing level 34 missions in Monster Island. I know that I will hit the level cap soon with this character. For me though, I am still having a blast. There is still so much more content that I haven't done and a ton of power choices that I haven't played with yet either.

I too have soloed about 9/10 of my character so far as the game doesn't really give you much reason to team up, with the exception of major instances, unless you just like to team. I don't see myself getting bored with this game for a while.

It is still only a couple of months old. Give it time to get its feet and more content. Create another character and level him a bit more slowly and read through all of the story lines. Talk to other NPCs. I have found that some of them offer more storyline and background on the game. Take a break for a while and come back when there is more content.
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