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warlord683 in championsonline

Bash... the annoyance

So last night in bash, a place i usually do exeedingly well in, i got rolled.

Lets see... I died 10 times. Thanks to the stat adjustment, one my Gageteer definately was enhanced by (increasing his dps w/ Gatling gun by 20-30pts per tic actually, among other damage buffs) I did no afflicted damage ~at all. Nadda. Zip. Zero.

more then half the time I was trapped in a bubble i couldn't break, in a series of holds i couldn't break out of, and was delt repatious direct damage i could not even block or avoid. I was lashed so many times w/ no ability to do anything that I died just by someone spamming that move a few times. I spent about 4 of my lifetimes being knocked up in the air that I actually died w/out ever touching the ground -in a permiment 'heave-hoe' stasis that i had no ability to break from, nor block the initial attacks from (cause they bubbled me). The other two times i died instantaniously. My hands went up to block the first wave of attacks but after the double-down 3k unavoidable autokill from the circle user I had nothing.

It was rather quite fustrating :/


And they wonder why so many of us say "aroint thee, PVP" ...
They better come up with some kind of pvp balance, and firstly fix the exploits (like lash upgraded knockdown not generating knockdown resistance, ect) even if they have to do what Guild Wars did and make abilities work different in both PVE and PVP. They are effectivly making a portion of the game unplayable for most, which isn't good for any MMO.
Champions Online

October 2010

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