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A Hero Is You!

Hello everyone, I am new to the community. I picked the game up about a week ago. Let's see, I have forever been an MMO addict and have been playing Warcraft off and on since launch. I've also tried the likes of FFXI, Age of Conan, Diablo II, a little Everquest, Guild Wars, Asheron's Call; I think I'm missing some. Anyways, one of my all time favorites though was City of Heroes and pulled me away from Warcraft the longest when that came out cause I loved the idea of creating and customizing a superhero, I mean isn't that what we've all been doing since we started reading comics as kids?

I had a good run on there however in later levels I became bored with the game, the experience debt and very long levels along the same missions over and over, I lost interest before I hit the level cap, though I did experience some end game content with my friend. Also the lack of power customization, even though I was able to start dipping into other power pools with the newer issues, it wasn't doing it for me.

I came back for a brief period when City of Villains came out and while it was sort of all new stuff, it didn't keep me locked in this time either. Plus the inventions system when I tried going through it and using it, it just seemed so goofy and unmanageable, especially the AH which is something I'm seeing here on Champions (Too many names for the same type of upgrade and the auction not having enough filters to easily search through what's on there.)

Anyways, I got CO and have started this journey and this is the only community I saw for it so I thought I would join, I like seeing how other people are going about the game and getting tips in general.

So far I find the character creation and power design and comic style graphics to be awesome.

I've got a champion up to level 16 so far focused all in the Force powerset with End/Ego as his superstats. I have yet to adventure into the other powers, but I know I'm going to have to find a way to heal myself because I have found that I am becoming squishy, though with some tactical shielding I am surviving longer.

Also, I am looking for a supergroup because in CoH, one of my favorite parts was teaming up and doing everyone's missions together so if you'll have me :D

Character: Kaervek@Mrsinnistar


Arcane Healing is a good heal, and can be used to support friends as well as heal yourself. If you generate a lot of energy this is great for keeping alive, especially if you have remains in play ability that does dps w/out you having to directly contribute to the offense (like vortex or condemn, things of that nature).

Regeneration, of course, is by far a great passive ability. You need some focus in Regeneration in order to make it worth your while but even at low levels it can be extremely effective. It definately softens the blows and can heal you when you put things in binds and locks, rather quickly.

A third ability, if you don't have a lot of recovery, is Invulnerability. Not a lot of people take it now that Regeneration is the king of the character creation empire, but with a high constitution it can absorb some rediculous amounts of damage, combined with a good block, like Force Shield or Void, most damage is ignored outright and you gain the stack energy build in difference so you can cast your more powerful attacks when you end said block.

If your dex is high uncanny dodge is also a good one. Why take or absorb damage when most of the time you simply dodge the effects? Very annoying, but your very glassy, which means if someone manages to bind or put you in a hold, you tend to take some rediculous amounts of damage.

My main is a Gageteer/Munitions, and my secondary is a 2sword/Supernatural. Currently i'm working on a 3rd, which I like to call Minion Master, which is a focus on Presence and Intelligence and uses pets to do damage (he has wolves, golem, zombies, ego spirits, with the hopes of getting ball lighting and a circle summons later).
You should have stuck around for Issue 16 in City. We just got done with a double-XP/Free Reactivation weekend to showcase the new customizing system.
Welcome to the game! It is fun. I am currently working on my level 29 Dual Blades/Telekinesis. I second Warlord's recommendation. Regeneration is great for keeping you alive.
Champions Online

October 2010

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