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Oct. 26th, 2010



Champions Online: Free to Play in 2011

CO going to F2P Model. Beta starts in November, Release Q1 of 2011

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Dec. 26th, 2009



I just started playing Champions Online, I'm somewhat of an mmorpg pro, I've played a lot of them.  We I'm new to the game and am looking for friends to play with.  If you're interesting in partnering up with me I'd gladly invite you. Just post a reply here, or IM me at blacharrt@msn.com or blacharrt1@yahoo.com

Oct. 27th, 2009



(no subject)

Hi, I'm new to champions. Just transfered over from City of Heroes - long time player there. A few of us from CoH transfered over to champions together and we created a SuperGroup. I'm a little confused. I ran a SuperGroup on CoH, and obviously, I know that these are two different games and so the SG deals would be different. I'm just having trouble figuring out exactly what an SG in Champions is for. I don't see any SG base availability, there seem to be no SG costs. Is it just the SG chat that is the benefit of having an SG? Just trying to be sure I'm not missing something here. If that's the case, have there been any info releases for future SG progression in game? Thanks for your time.



Big patch Tonight/This morning...Blood Moon?

700Mb data mod, interesting point is that players have the chance to unlock Celestial powers early for all their characters.

Oct. 20th, 2009



So i ended my subscription today with Champions Online.

I've done every major instance, and pretty much every mission i could lay my hands on. I end-gamed and i haven't even hit level 40 yet (34 to be exact, using my Gageteer/Munitions). I've soloed about 9/10 of the game, cosmics and major instances being the exception.

Am I to wait for the next patch for the new content? Why? Another week of mission soloing and a instance later and I'll be waiting another few months for the next release. I can't preoccupy myself with PVP, its so unbalanced there's virtually no point. I could sit around and attempt to unlock everything in my achievements book... but i just have flashbacks to War Online and shutter at the thought that the only person i'm going to impress with something like that is myself.

I guess to say, for me at least, is that i was looking for something a bit more challanging. It wasn't, and the in game content is pretty slim and extremely repetative. Nothing is really holding me to the ropes on deciding this one, unfortunately.

The only thing i found that peaked my interest as of late 'was' mortal online. After downloading the beta, and then reading a post by one of the developers, he went on to say don't have high hopes for the game for at least the first year after it is released. All your going to get is basic content and nothing more. At least he was honest, but 'basic' looked like crap, it felt like crap, and i'm sure if it had a smell through my monitor... it'd smell like it too.

Oct. 16th, 2009


A Happy Convert

I just recently started playing Champions Online...as in---maybe in the last week.  I've been a hardcore WoW player for nearly 3 years now.  Since picking up CO, I cannot seem to stop playing it.  And when I'm not playing it, I'm THINKING about playing it.  I've been playing on a friend's PC, because I have a Mac, but I JUST bought Windows 7 for Bootcamp, and should be up and running on my own by around the 23rd.  Exciting!

You will have to forgive some of my WoW jargon, but it's the only way I can seem to put some of the things I have questions about.

When I picked my toon, I went Darkness spec, I've also messed around with Supernatural.  But I think I like Darkness the best so far.  I've even been perusing the Champion's Hero Creation Guide, and trying my very best to figure out how the stats work.  I love the game, but having been an MMOer for a while, I have to say that CO's system is a might bit harder to figure out (for me, at least).

In WoW, as many of you probably know, you pick your character---your class---and eventually your spec.  And that character is forever locked into that class.  So...as a WoW player, being able to COMPLETELY customize your spec is both exciting and overwhelming!  Where do you start?  In WoW, there are good specs and bad specs, is this the same for Champions?  Are there specs that are ineffective/really effective?  This is somewhat of a major problem I've been having as far as getting my head around the entire game.  I can't seem to find sources that tell me one way or another what's what and what's good for what.

Since I picked Darkness in the beginning, I've just been following the tree down, picking what looks cool.  I know to pick items with Endurance and Constitution...at least I guess that's what I'm supposed to be picking.  But I really am not sure how a "build" is supposed to work.  I know that you can change constumes/passive slotted abilites/gear/and powers with them, but I still can't figure out how exactly that all works.  At least as far as the powers are concerned.  So I'm Darkness.  Say I want to make my other spec or BUILD---I dunno...Sorcery or something like that.  Are all of your "talent points" refunded for the new build?  Or do you have to unlearn all of them and buy all of the other new powers?  And if you switch between builds---do you have one that has sorcery abilities and one that has darkness abilities (in my case)?

What about gear?  If you switch your powers, do you look for other gear that helps that power set?  What about MIXING power sets?  Are there pre-built builds for one such as myself to follow?  And what about an "enchanting" element.  Is there such a thing?  For gear?

I know that if I took the time to stop and ready what every last npc had to say to me, I'd probably be more hip to how all of this works.  But I'm sort of for jumping in head first, and asking questions later.

I know that this is an overwhelming number of questions, but if any of you other fine players could help the new girl out, I'd really appreciate it. :)

Thank you in advance!


Bash... the annoyance

So last night in bash, a place i usually do exeedingly well in, i got rolled.

Lets see... I died 10 times. Thanks to the stat adjustment, one my Gageteer definately was enhanced by (increasing his dps w/ Gatling gun by 20-30pts per tic actually, among other damage buffs) I did no afflicted damage ~at all. Nadda. Zip. Zero.

more then half the time I was trapped in a bubble i couldn't break, in a series of holds i couldn't break out of, and was delt repatious direct damage i could not even block or avoid. I was lashed so many times w/ no ability to do anything that I died just by someone spamming that move a few times. I spent about 4 of my lifetimes being knocked up in the air that I actually died w/out ever touching the ground -in a permiment 'heave-hoe' stasis that i had no ability to break from, nor block the initial attacks from (cause they bubbled me). The other two times i died instantaniously. My hands went up to block the first wave of attacks but after the double-down 3k unavoidable autokill from the circle user I had nothing.

It was rather quite fustrating :/

Oct. 14th, 2009

Bob Signal


Royal Rumble

I've been trying to incorporate PvP into my gaming experience this time, something I rarely did before in any other game if ever at all. Mainly because there is a good portion of things you gain access to through it. The reason I never really did before (and I know it's stupid) is because I tend to get kinda nervous and shaky when playing against other people. I never had that problem with FPS games or fighting games like street fighter, just in these types of games. I think it's because I feel like I'm fighting wrong and get the feeling like I lose a lot, which is not the case, I'm not terrible, but I'm not the best either.

So any PvP advice? I know it's somewhat broken with certain powers dominating others. However, what build do you go in with? I have been trying avenger so I can really dish out some damage.

Oct. 13th, 2009



Changing of the guard

I would like to thank crantz for stepping up to the plate and taking over moderation of this community. I'm glad to see this comm finally taking flight, and I hope it prospers just like our other communities. Good luck and peace, y'all!
Bob Signal


A Hero Is You!

Hello everyone, I am new to the community. I picked the game up about a week ago. Let's see, I have forever been an MMO addict and have been playing Warcraft off and on since launch. I've also tried the likes of FFXI, Age of Conan, Diablo II, a little Everquest, Guild Wars, Asheron's Call; I think I'm missing some. Anyways, one of my all time favorites though was City of Heroes and pulled me away from Warcraft the longest when that came out cause I loved the idea of creating and customizing a superhero, I mean isn't that what we've all been doing since we started reading comics as kids?

I had a good run on there however in later levels I became bored with the game, the experience debt and very long levels along the same missions over and over, I lost interest before I hit the level cap, though I did experience some end game content with my friend. Also the lack of power customization, even though I was able to start dipping into other power pools with the newer issues, it wasn't doing it for me.

I came back for a brief period when City of Villains came out and while it was sort of all new stuff, it didn't keep me locked in this time either. Plus the inventions system when I tried going through it and using it, it just seemed so goofy and unmanageable, especially the AH which is something I'm seeing here on Champions (Too many names for the same type of upgrade and the auction not having enough filters to easily search through what's on there.)

Anyways, I got CO and have started this journey and this is the only community I saw for it so I thought I would join, I like seeing how other people are going about the game and getting tips in general.

So far I find the character creation and power design and comic style graphics to be awesome.

I've got a champion up to level 16 so far focused all in the Force powerset with End/Ego as his superstats. I have yet to adventure into the other powers, but I know I'm going to have to find a way to heal myself because I have found that I am becoming squishy, though with some tactical shielding I am surviving longer.

Also, I am looking for a supergroup because in CoH, one of my favorite parts was teaming up and doing everyone's missions together so if you'll have me :D

Character: Kaervek@Mrsinnistar

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